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Working Pass Application

Working Pass Application

Employment Pass Application

The Employment Pass is issued to professionals, managerial personnel (managing directors, general managers, CEOs), executives or specialists who wish to work in Singapore. An employer sponsor is needed before application can be made directly by the employer or by an appointed employment agent on behalf of the employer.

Candidates without any job offer or seeking jobs are not eligible to apply

S Pass

This category of pass is suitable for semi-skilled or junior to mid level skilled professional foreigners who would not qualify for Employment Pass. There is a minimum qualifying salary for this types of Singapore work passes category. The qualifying salaries vary according the work experience and age of candidates. A quota is also imposed for each company as to how many S Pass holders they can employ.


Dependent Pass(DP) is typically offered to children or spouses of employment pass or S Pass holders (if they qualify). Holders of this pass are allowed to work or start a business in Singapore subject to obtaining a letter of consent from the Ministry of Manpower. Only Employment Pass and S Pass holders earning in excess of SGD6,000 per month can sponsor and bring their dependents to live in Singapore.

Personalised Employment Pass

Personalised Employment Pass a unique and the only self-sponsored work pass category available for foreigners to work in Singapore. There is no requirement during the application for the applicant to have a job or an employer to sponsor the application. Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) is only issued once for each applicant and is valid for 3 years, and it is non-renewable. The requirements and approval criteria is strict and available mainly to highly talented, high income and uniquely skilled foreign professionals.
New Applicant or Existing Employment Pass holders must earn at least SGD22,500 per month to be eligible to apply.

Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass

Top talent in business, arts and culture, sports, academia and research.
Eligibility for Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass
Requirements include a fixed monthly salary of S$30,000 under an employer for the past year or prospective employer based in Singapore, or outstanding achievements in certain sectors.
Who is eligible
We assess Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass candidates on a case-by-case basis.
You may apply if you meet at least one of the criteria below:
  • Earned a fixed monthly salary of at least S$30,000, or its equivalent in foreign currency, 2for the last 12 consecutive months. If you are an overseas candidate, you must also show that you have been working for an established company overseas for at least 1 year.
  • Will earn a fixed monthly salary of at least S$30,000 under an established company that is based in Singapore.
If you drew salaries from more than one employer in the last 12 months, your qualifying fixed monthly salary of at least S$30,000 should come from one employer only.
Definition of an established company
For a company to be considered established, it must have at least one of the following:
  • Market capitalisation or valuation of at least US$500 million
  • Annual revenue of at least US$200 million
Combined amounts from the entire global office can also be considered, and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Learn more about the documents required for established companies.
Qualifying through outstanding achievements
You may apply without meeting the salary criteria if you have outstanding achievements in at least one of the areas below:
  • Sports
  • Arts and culture
  • Academia and research
MOM and other agencies such as MCCY, MOE, NRF and A*STAR will holistically review applications based on the work and key achievements accomplished by each applicant.
Learn more about the documents required for outstanding achievements.
Renewal criteria
The Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass is renewable for 5 years each time. To be eligible for renewal, the pass holder must meet one of the following:
  • Earned a fixed monthly salary of at least S$30,000 on average over the past 5 years in Singapore.
  • Started and is operating a Singapore-based company that employs at least 5 locals, each earning a fixed monthly salary of at least S$5,000 (pegged to the EP minimum qualifying salary)

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