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A flyway is a migration route used by a variety of bird species, spanning continents and oceans

At Flyway Crossing, we ensure a seamless immigration for our clients by providing a range of Work Passes, Business Incorporations, PR and Citizenship Application services

What we do

At our immigration agency, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for individuals and businesses navigating Singapore’s immigration landscape.

Business Incorporation

We provide comprehensive assistance for setting up businesses in Singapore, guiding you through the company registration process, legal requirements, and ensuring compliance with Singapore's business regulations.

Working Pass Application

Our team assists individuals and companies in obtaining the appropriate work passes and permits for foreign employees, making the process easier and ensuring compliance with immigration and labor regulations in Singapore.

Singapore PR Application

We offer guidance and support to individuals seeking to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in Singapore, helping navigate the complex application process and increasing the chances of successful PR approval.

Singapore Citizenship Application

For those looking to become Singapore citizens, we provide knowledgeable support throughout the citizenship application process, offering guidance and assistance to meet eligibility criteria.


Expert immigration guidance and personalized support to ensure smooth and successful outcomes.

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in Singapore immigration services, our team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge of the immigration landscape and keeps up-to-date with the latest regulations, ensuring accurate and reliable guidance throughout the process.

Strong Track Record

Our immigration agency has a proven track record of successfully assisting numerous clients in achieving their immigration goals. Our high success rate and positive client testimonials reflect our commitment to delivering excellent services and achieving favorable outcomes.

Timely and Efficient Processes

We understand the importance of time and efficiency for clients. Our agency focuses on delivering prompt and efficient services, streamlining the immigration process to minimize delays and ensure a smooth experience. We guide clients through each step, providing clear timelines and proactive communication.

Our value

Flyway Crossing takes inspiration from the fascinating phenomenon of bird migration which reflects the idea of bird migration and its connection to our business values:

PR Applications Per Year
0 K Average
Successful PR Applications Per Year
0 K Average
Citizenship Applications Per Year
60- 0 K Average
Successful Citizenship Applications Per Year
0 K Average

What clients say about us

Satisfied clients rave about our impeccable service, expert guidance, and seamless immigration experiences with Flyway Crossing.
"I highly recommend Flyway Crossing for their exceptional service and expertise in immigration. Their team guided me through the complex process of obtaining a work pass in Singapore with utmost professionalism and efficiency. Thanks to their support, I seamlessly transitioned into my new role and am now thriving in my career."
Jane Smith
"Choosing Flyway Crossing was the best decision I made for my PR application. Their in-depth knowledge of the immigration system, attention to detail, and personalized approach were outstanding. They walked me through every step, ensuring all documentation was in order. Today, I am thrilled to call Singapore my permanent home."
"Flyway Crossing exceeded my expectations in my Singapore citizenship application. Their guidance and dedicated support were instrumental in navigating the complex requirements. The team provided a seamless experience, ensuring all documentation was complete and submitted on time. I am now proud to be a Singaporean citizen, and I couldn't have done it without Flyway Crossing."
Paneer Selvam

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